Use these commands to build your game once you have created your project.
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Check your project's log for replies to commands issued to the bot.

Import an image

@gdevbot # import from
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Create an actor

An actor has a position and angle, it can display an image and do stuff.

@gdevbot # new actor
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An actor can be a child of another actor.

@gdevbot # new actor
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Import a script

Scripts are written using emoji code, a concise scripting language.

@gdevbot # script
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Once you have imported a script, you need to add it to an actor! (see below)

Display images, attach scripts

You can attach images and scripts to actors.

@gdevbot # add to
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If you change your mind, you can remove them.

@gdevbot # remove from
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Rename, move/reparent, delete

You can rename assets and actors.

@gdevbot # rename  to 

You can move assets into a different folder and change an actor's parent.
Folders are automatically created and deleted as needed.

@gdevbot # move  to 
@gdevbot # reparent to
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You can use "root" as the parent name to detach an actor from its parent altogether.

You can delete them.

@gdevbot # delete  forever

Allow a friend to edit the project with you

You can give access to multiple people at once by mentioning them in the same tweet.

@gdevbot # allow @
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If you change your mind, you can remove someone too.

@gdevbot # deny @
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Publish your game

Once your game is ready to be played, upload a 16:10 screenshot.

@gdevbot # cover
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And make it live. It'll appear on the Games page.

@gdevbot # publish
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If you need to take it down, you can use the unpublish command.